Ginny Saettel: Serving God by Volunteering

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I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ginny (pictured on the left, along with Erin Greene, MHM Receptionist) and talking about her role as the volunteer receptionist at the administrative offices of Miracle Hill Ministries:

How did you come to volunteer with Miracle Hill?

“Well, I was busy raising children and running a household and felt like there was not enough time in the day. So, when I retired the first thing I wanted to do was to dedicate my time to volunteering. I couldn’t wait to see where God wanted me to help.”

Ginny started out volunteering at Shepherd’s Gate in 2001. After taking a leave-of-absence, she reached out to Miracle Hill once again. “They welcomed me with open arms and asked if I’d like to work at the administrative offices,” Ginny says. “What I do seems miniscule to me sometimes, but I remember that the small tasks, like stuffing envelopes or answering phones, relieves others to focus on bigger projects. This is how God wants me to serve Him.”


“It’s not all about you. Actually none of it is about you, really,” Ginny explains, “It’s about serving Him.” Ginny truly has a heart for others and shows her wisdom regarding what life is truly about. She says, “In life we tend to get all wrapped up in ourselves—not intentionally— but when you step out of the circle that is your life, you really begin to see the bigger picture. When you volunteer it brings joy to so many.”


“That’s what Jesus did- He served. We often hear stories about His preaching to the masses and the miracles He performed, but He also served quietly too. He often withdrew from the masses to tend to the small tasks that God asked of Him.”


“There are many ways to serve no matter your comfort level. Remember everyone is important and has something to contribute, even if it’s just their comforting presence. We have quiet people who just sit back and listen but when they are absent, you miss them. If you don’t like big crowds that’s okay too. There are plenty of opportunities to help in small, quiet ways. You have to find your niche.”

Ginny understands the importance of serving through volunteering— especially when you’re feeling down. “If you have health issues, don’t lay in bed; sit up and help!” In addition to volunteering at Miracle Hill, Ginny belongs to the South Carolina Knitting Guild and spends time knitting caps for premature newborns and scarves/shawls for the homeless.

“If my story encourages someone to reach out and volunteer, no matter how small, then it’s all worth it,” she says.

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