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Our Origin Story

Honoring Our Humble Beginning

The Great Depression gave a new meaning to the word “despair,” especially for those who did not know where they would sleep or how their next meal would be supplied. With a heart for the hurting and a desire to share the Gospel, in 1937, a group of local businessmen responded to the need by creating a soup kitchen and small mission in Greenville, South Carolina.

With the support of the community, a lodge was built in 1948 with 12 beds for transient men on the first floor and mothers with children on the second. This “Gospel Rescue Mission” grew along with the ever-increasing population of people experiencing homelessness, adding programs and shelters as the needs arose.

Miracle Hill Children’s Home is situated in the foothills near Table Rock. It began in 1957, and is an integral part of our history in a way that most people don’t know.  Our name was developed from an actual miracle that took place as the first Children’s Home building was being constructed by volunteers. It was on a hill near where our chapel still stands today. As they worked, a summer storm arose. It was their last day, and they were afraid they wouldn’t be able to complete the needed work they had started. Staff gathered around the hill and prayed for the rain to stop. God answered – the rain fell all around the hill, but remained dry where they were working. One of our staff members, Miss Vera Wright said, “That’s a miracle hill” – a comment that named the ministry.

Serving The Upstate for More Than 85 Years

Without Losing Sight of Our Mission

Today, Miracle Hill Ministries operates four rescue missions, two addiction recovery programs, a foster home community and foster care program, transitional houses, a food ministry, eight thrift stores, and an auto sales operation—all of which contribute to our mission to serve people experiencing homelessness.

Through Christ’s provision, hard work, dedication, and the support of our generous sponsors and partners, we’re able to serve thousands of people in need in the Upstate each year. And while we’re humbled to be able to help so many people move toward stability and wholeness, we haven’t lost sight of where we came from.

Meet Our Passionate Leaders

Miracle Hill’s leadership team has fostered an environment where service towards others guides everything we do as an organization. Get to know the people who have helped make all this possible.

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