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Miracle Stories

Shelter, food and miracles. Every day.

At Miracle Hill, we seek to reflect the love of Christ and help children and adults recover from their painful physical, emotional and spiritual hurts.  Ultimately, we come alongside these individuals and support them on their journey toward restored relationships with God, family, and community.

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  • September 5, 2018 05/29/15 Tragedy and Trauma – Recovery is Possible

    Addiction. What is it?  A disease?  A choice?  Is recovery possible? So many questions plague the minds and hearts of individuals and their loved ones as they battle a cunning enemy of life called addiction. One addict said, "It's like being in a dungeon--a filthy, dark, scary …

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  • September 1, 2018 05/29/15 A Change of Heart, Mind and Soul

    Meet Jason Spears. He is articulate, educated, skilled and mild-mannered. But just like the next person, Spears is a work in progress.  The 48-year-old went from being a happily married construction manager making a six-figure salary to being broke, divorced and living in shelters. He …

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  • August 15, 2018 05/29/15 Seeing the Scars – Elijah’s story

    Every individual working with abused or neglected children has a moment when their core belief in humanity is shaken. Children are vulnerable and innocent, and it is a basic human instinct to protect them, to keep them from the evil that is ever present in …

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Miracle Hill was there when I had nowhere to turn. They helped me get my life back! They gave me the guidance and direction that I needed to turn my life around! I am so thankful for this place and the people who work and volunteer here!”

-- former client