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Steve Hatten, a Financial Advisor from Huntingdon West Virginia, moved to Greenville to be closer to his son, daughter-in-law and six grandchildren. “My son led me to the good works of Miracle Hill so I called to ask how I could help. The opportunity to volunteer in the computer lab was open and was a good fit for me.”

Now, three times a week, after work, Steve volunteers in the computer lab at Miracle Hill Greenville Rescue Mission offering guidance on résumé building, job searching and skills-testing for more than 130 men that may be staying there at any given time. Steve is someone the residents’ have come to count on. “You’ll never find a more dedicated, humble man than this man right here,” said one client while patting Steve on the shoulder.

Are the men required to come to the computer lab regularly to job hunt? “No, and you can see a difference in progress between the men who come to the lab consistently to work on their résumés and those who don’t.”

During our interview, a few men stopped by to let Steve know when they’d be able to come to the lab. “These men don’t have to report to me, but often they do. Everyone here is free to come and go as they please, but I think it’s good for people to have accountability in life. There was a man who diligently came to the lab to brush up on his math skills and submit résumés for local jobs. When he finally secured a job at a local restaurant, he made sure to find me and let me know right away,” said Steve, who was clearly moved by the gesture.

Is job coaching the only reason the men come into the lab? “Well, everyone’s story is different,” Steve reminds me. “The computer lab is more than just a place to create a résumé; it’s a place where I often get a chance to fellowship with the men, as well.”

Steve also praised the staff at the Rescue Mission for their dedication in helping the men re-build their lives and even introduced me to a few of the caring souls who are here every single day making positive changes in the lives of the men through the word of God.

Today is Steve’s one-year anniversary of volunteering for Miracle Hill! Over this past year, Steve has come to realize that his place at the Rescue Mission is not just about teaching computer skills; it’s also about being someone that the men can count on. “The best thing I can do for these men is to show up and be here for whatever they need me to be here for.”
Steve’s dedication to the men at Greenville Rescue Mission is a good example of the benefits of staying consistent in your volunteer efforts and humble in your approach.

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