Martha Womick

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“God has a plan for everyone!” 

Martha and staffMartha Womick remembers the first time she knew, without a doubt, that God wanted her to be a part of Miracle Hill Ministries.

Martha, how did you come to volunteer for Miracle Hill?

“A group of us from Anderson Mill Road Baptist Church were asked to help do some chores at the shelter in Spartanburg. I went along as a workday volunteer and after that day, for some reason, I was hooked! I’ve been here 5 years now.”  As the Administrative Volunteer for the mission, Martha makes sure the day-to-day operations run smoothly.

Tell me about your typical day at work.

“I go to work but it’s not like work to me. I make sure that all of the filing and scanning are done, and the client files are in order.  Some days, I have such awesome opportunities to talk with the clients, and that’s what’s really so special.  I think to myself, ‘If I can do a little bit more paperwork, take some of the load off the counselors  and give them more time to help these people understand how much God loves them, that’s exactly what I want to do.’

What kinds of services are offered to the residents? 

“Besides the drug and alcohol counseling there are forever and ever volunteers coming to help to organize programs like bible studies, parenting classes, teaching computer skills and helping our clients get their G.E.D. certificates.  Right now, we are also trying to find a few veterans a place to live.  It’s all about giving back.”

Can you share one success story you remember in particular?Martha

“Yes, I can tell you a great success story about a gentleman I knew before I ever started volunteering at the shelter.  He was a business man who wore a suit and tie every day.  I walked into work at the mission one morning, and there he sat.  He looked at me and I looked at him and thought, ‘He looks so sick.  He’s not going to be alive very long unless he gets help.’  And over the course of a year, I watched Miracle Hill do what they do best, change his life.  They gave him all of the programs that he needed to recover and all the medical help and slowly, very slowly, I saw him return to the business man I knew before and now he also gives back to The Spartanburg Rescue Mission.  God has a plan for everyone!

How do you keep your heart from breaking when you see so many people in need?

“You can’t. We’re not going to win over everyone.  They’re all not going to be success stories because not everyone wants to be one.  It takes discipline to get to where you want to be in life without hardships.  But many-many success stories I have seen.  I know the hearts of the staff at Miracle Hill.  They truly love these people right back on their feet.”

The Spartanburg Rescue Mission is a one-hundred bed facility providing a warm place for the men, women and their children of Spartanburg to seek help.  Click HERE to contact the staff or to learn more about their services.


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