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You’re Gonna Make It

By April 10, 2015January 26th, 2023No Comments
Jimmy Wayne at 2015 Fundraising Banquet

Jimmy Wayne at 2015 Fundraising Banquet

“You’re gonna make it.”

Have you ever needed to hear those words?  Perhaps in a moment of crisis or during an especially long struggle that seemed to have no end?

I remember feeling that way during the birth of my second child.  It had been a difficult, painful labor, and unfortunately, pain medications weren’t working.  My husband was with me doing his best to comfort and encourage me, but I still felt overwhelmed and fearful.

But then Campbell showed up.  She was an experienced doula, a birth coach, who knew just what to do and what to say.  I feel pretty sure that I squeezed her hand to the point of completely cutting off all circulation!  Her calm presence and assuring words were just what I needed to push through (no pun intended) to the much-anticipated end.  I needed to know I could “make it.”

Recently, country music star Jimmy Wayne offered a similar kind of encouragement and motivation to the young boys and teens living at the Miracle Hill Boys’ Shelter.  Jimmy was in town to speak and perform at the annual Greenville fundraising banquet.  Early on the day of the banquet, he visited the shelter to have breakfast with the boys and to share some of his story.  Much like the boys, Jimmy had been neglected and abandoned by his parents and had spent much of his life in group homes and foster care.

Words of Hope

Toward the end of their time together Jimmy said to the boys, “I noticed when you introduced yourselves this morning, you didn’t look me in the eyes.”  He said that meant they didn’t feel valuable or worthy of respect.  Jimmy challenged them to look people in the eyes because “you’re worthy of people’s respect; you’re worthy of my respect.”  He also encouraged them to “stay in school, don’t get distracted; stay focused on yourselves.”  Finally, he confidently said, “You’re gonna make it.”

Later that night at the banquet, Jimmy looked toward the tables where many of the boys from the shelter were sitting and once again said those encouraging, inspiring words, “You’re gonna make it.” At the end of the evening, the boys rose to their feet to give Jimmy a standing ovation.  His hopeful message had resonated within their hearts and had given them a glimpse of what could be.  Like sprinkles of rain on a sun-parched desert, so are words spoken at just the right time.

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