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Shepherd’s Gate–Counting All Our Blessings!!

By April 23, 2015January 26th, 2023No Comments

As I awoke this morning, I realized that after seventeen years (as of June 8th), I am still excited to get up, get ready, and begin my daily journey to Shepherd’s Gate–what a blessing!!  As I pull into the parking lot, I look at our lovely building and beautiful landscaping--what a blessing!!  The beauty is due to faithful maintenance staff members and a wonderful volunteer who work so hard to keep things lovely for us–what a blessing!!  I get to the front doors and feel the excitement that always comes when I think, “What will God do here today?!”–what a blessing!!  I am greeted by one or two clients on their way to seek a job or catch the bus to a job already obtained–what a blessing to see lives changed!!  Sadie runs in to greet our receptionist who giggles and is not at all bothered by the antics of a Boxer puppy–what a blessing!!  To have staff that come each day to serve the Lord as they serve these women.  Many of my staff have been here almost as long as I--what a blessing!!  To work alongside other women who know me as I know them; who love each other; forgive each other; confront each other; laugh with each other every day–what a blessing!!  As I walk toward my office, I look at the floors so clean and shiny; the antique hall tree with the mirror looking back at me–what a blessing!!  To have so many friends of our ministry who faithfully give so that we can have new flooring, new windows, new washing machines, new playground equipment!!  To others who donate food, paper products, cleaning supplies, clothing, and most anything else we need and ask for–what a blessing!!  When our meat supply was low last week, one of our kind Development Staff members heard about it and had it posted on our website.  The next day, we had people come and say, “I read that you needed this!” while handing me canned meats.  Another sweet lady brought ground beef because she heard we needed it--what a blessing!!!!  For friends to quickly rally in order to meet a need for us–what a blessing!!  Phone calls from community partners who come alongside to get a good plan together for a client--what a blessing!!  Former clients who now, doing well themselves, bring donations back “home”--what a blessing!!  The day is over (you thought I was going to say–what a blessing, didn’t you :-)!!) and as I leave the building and head towards home, I recount in my head the events of the day.  Some were stressful, others time consuming, others absolutely joyful, but most of all–I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be blessed by the experience of Shepherd’s Gate–WHAT A BLESSING!!!

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