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When DSS Calls

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Children enter foster care every day and at every hour of the day.

The Department of Social Services is given legal custody when a child enters foster care due to abuse and/or neglect. The agency is charged with finding a safe and suitable living arrangement for the child immediately when the child is removed from their biological family.

DSS first looks to identify a foster family for the child, where the child will remain until reunification with the birth family. If this is not possible, the agency looks for an emergency or short term placement, which is usually a foster family that can house that child for 24 to 72 hours, while the agency finds a more permanent foster family. And finally, if this is not available, DSS will place the child in a congregate care facility (group home or emergency shelter).

The placement worker at Miracle Hill receives phone calls from DSS when a child has entered foster care. The worker then contacts approved Miracle Hill resource foster families to see who is willing and able to accept placement of a child that same day. Families always have the option to say yes or no to accepting a placement; however, they are given a short amount of time to make that decision. Although not much information is known about the child, all information is shared with the family to assist them in making a decision that is best for their family. What information is usually known at this time are the child’s name, age and gender. It is important that foster families understand that children come from difficult circumstances of abuse, neglect, and drug exposure.

Being a foster parent can be hard, but we believe that God is pleased when we help take care of the orphans in our community. Please join us in thanking God for each of the 112 Miracle Hill Resource Foster Families who have taken the leap of faith and opened their home to children of abuse and neglect. We pray that God may open your heart to consider becoming a foster parent or doing something to help a child in need.

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