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Why we offer Transitional Housing to Our Graduates.

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Transitional housing is an important step in the recovery process. We offer transitional housing to all graduates of the Overcomers program as a way to smoothly transition into life away from the center. The in-house portion of our program is seven months long. While there clients are required to follow a rigorous schedule where their freedom is limited, and are required to follow a strict set of rules. The sudden freedom clients experience upon graduation can sometimes be overwhelming for them. We recommend that they make a commitment to stay at one of our transitional houses for a minimum of six months as a way to ease back into living independently. This allows them to experience the freedom of living outside the Overcomers Center while still having a few rules and the support needed early in recovery. While in transition the clients are required to find and keep a full time job, follow a curfew, sumbit to random drug, alcohol, and nicotine testing, meet with their counselor twice per month, attend recovery meetings, and become envolved in a local church. Most graduates are surprised to see the quality of our houses. The houses have been furnished with nice overstuffed couches, flat screen TVs, hardwood floors, ceramic tile in the kitchen and baths, crown molding throughout,,and stainless steel appliances. Grace point is a neighborhood where every house on the street is part of the transition program, and every resident has graduated the Overcomers program. This is great because accountablity, or someone to talk with, is just a house away. We also have other houses on different sides of town to help place men closer to their workplace. Each house has four to six men, including a house president. There are weekly house meetings where any issues are discussed, and the men are able to support and be accountable to each other. The weekly program fee includes rent, power, water, and gas. Most clients find full time employment before leaving the in-house phase of the program, but clients that have not yet found employment are allowed to work in one of our thrift stores three days a week. This pays their rent and gives them a little spending money. The other four days they are able to look for employment. Our transitional coordinator is put in place to guide and counsel graduates while in transition. He also meets individually with each graduate to insure they are taking the nessecary steps to continue moving foward. When clients participate in our transition program, their chances of success are much higher than those who choose to go elsewhere. Transition is a great place to save money, and many clients are able to buy vehicles during their stay. Clients are encouraged to stay longer than the minimum six months, and leave only when they feel comfortable moving foward. If for any reason a graduate of the Overcomers Center needs to return to transition, they are eligable to return with permission from our director. Transition is an excellent step towards independent living, and sets Miracle Hill’s Overcomers Center apart from other programs.