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Valentines Day for Children

By February 14, 2013August 1st, 20196 Comments

I’m always writing about how incredibly sweet and wonderful our children are.  I asked them to write some poems or fun sayings about Valentine”s Day.  Here is a sample of their creativity:

“Roses are red that God made for you.  He died for my sins and for yours too!”  by 11 year old girl

“Roses are red like the blood shed for you.  White is the cleanness of His life given for you.  Blue is for the sky where He waits for you.”  by 11 year old girl

“The cross is where He shed His blood for you.  In the Bible, God especially made the verse of love for you.  The One you follow should be the choice you choose.”   by 11 year old girl

“Roses are red. Violets are blue.  You are sweet and that is true.”  by 7 year old girl

“I love you up above.  You came like a dove.  And took me above.”  by 7 year old girl

“I love you God.  I love you Dad.  I love you mommy.”  by 5 year old girl

“Roses are red.  Violets are blue.  Sugar is sweet and so are you!”  by 7 year old boy

“Valentine’s Day is good.  Love one another.  Not just about boyfriend or girlfriend.  It’s about God.  Pray to God.  Don’t curse Him.  Valentines are red and pink.   It’s all about your heart.”  by 9 year old boy

“Be my Valentine.  I love Valentines.  Be my Valentine.  Be my love.”  by 7 year old boy

L is for the love for my family

O is for Ohana which is Hawaiian for “family”.  Family means nobody gets left behind.

V is for a vow or a promise you make because you love someone.

E is for Excellent because love is excellent.

S is for my sister.  I LOVE my sister!

by:  11 year old boy who really misses his family, especially his sister

Thank you for taking the time to read our lines.  Everything you do is oh so fine.  (Okay…so I’ve never been accused of being a poet!)   Our kids would love to know if you liked their writings.  Please leave our kids a reply below and we will send along your encouragement.    We do want to thank each of you who sent Valentine’s Day cards and/or gifts to our kids.  They have had a fun sugar filled day!




  • Ms Debbie says:

    So enjoyed your Valentine’s messages. Brightened my day and reminded me of God’s love, a love I can count on!

  • Lyle says:

    The poems are great! They remind me of the only true love – God’s love. People try to love each other, but we mess up a lot. When we love with God’s love, then it lasts! Thank you for sharing, all you children!

  • Debbie says:

    Loooooved your valentines! Keep writing, especially about God’s love because HE loves you and me more than we can imagine!!

  • Jessica says:

    What great Valentine’s poems! Those are so good, they can be used all year- not just on Valentine’s! You all are loved and prayed for- God has a special plan for each one of you and I’m so glad you shared your poems.

  • Beth says:

    Wow!! I read your poetry, and I think each one is very good!! Good Job Guys!!!

  • Jenny says:

    I loved your poems and rhymes!~ you all have talent! Thank you for reminding us that God Loves us!