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The Unexpected Blessings of Foster Parenting

By September 27, 2016January 26th, 2023No Comments
Adoption board created to commemorate Keith joining the family

Adoption board created to commemorate and celebrate Keith’s adoption

Mr. and Mrs. Landor did not have any children of their own and felt God’s call to become foster parents nearly two years ago. God soon blessed their home with Susie, a sweet baby girl, and Mrs. Landor was able to stay at home with her.  The Landors eventually met Susie’s biological mother and began to encourage her.  After a year, Susie was able to be reunified with her mother.  Although Susie is no longer living with the Landors, they are able to stay involved in her life, often keeping her on weekends while Susie’s mother works.

During the time the Landors had Susie in their home, they were approached about taking in a baby boy who was already in another foster home. Keith was born prematurely and was addicted to methamphetamines. He spent almost three weeks in the NICU before going into a foster home.  For months, his first foster parents cared for his medical needs, took him to doctor appointments, and had him involved in three different therapies.

The Landors agreed to take Keith into their home, and they continued his therapies and early intervention services. Their hearts grew close to this precious little boy, and they began to pursue adoption.  After many court hearings and other happenings, the Landors were eventually chosen as Keith’s “forever family”. Keith became his foster parents’ FIRST child—one they know was sent to them by God and for which they feel blessed!  Keith’s first foster parents are now his godparents and are still able to stay involved in his life.

Keith now jabbers and expects everyone to know what he is saying; yes, there are some words that can be understood.  Keith is now an active little boy!  He is well loved by an extended family and is partial to his “Papa”.

A Family Reunited

Mr. and Mrs. Hill became foster parents just a year ago. In addition to caring for their two biological children and their first foster child, the Hills eventually began to care for a sibling group of foster children. This meant there were six children under the age of eight in one house!  When Mrs. Hill first met the biological mother and extended family of the sibling group, the mother asked her to adopt the children.  Mrs. Hill said, “No, you are going to do what you need to do to get your boys back.”  Throughout the next nine months, Mrs. Hill constantly encouraged and challenged the mother to make good choices for herself and her children.  Mrs. Hill transported the children to all of their family visits and attended each and every court hearing or meeting at the Department of Social Services.

children-are-a-reward-from-himAs the mother began to complete her court-ordered treatment plan and it was being recommended that the children be reunified with her, the Hill family also took their own biological children and finances and went to the biological mother’s home to put up blinds, fix the porch, and ready the home for the reunification. After the judge ruled, the children began transition visits on weekends.  It was difficult on everyone—the Hills and the children.  The children were sick, confused, and didn’t understand the two houses or set of rules.  But after the transition was complete, the foster children were reunified with their mother.  She is continuing to learn how to parent and take responsibility for her children.

Fostering is not easy and requires physical and emotional sacrifice, but the blessing of caring for children in need and impacting their lives forever is priceless.  Want to learn more about Miracle Hill Foster Care? Call (864) 605-6089 or visit our Foster Care Information page.

(The above foster care stories were shared by Sharon Betts, Miracle Hill’s Foster Care Coordinator.  Names were changed to protect privacy.)

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