The Good Steward – Investing or Hoarding?

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Stuart. That is my Grandmother’s maiden name. I remember learning about the different meanings of surnames and asking my father a lot about our own geneaology when I was a boy. I particularly remember the day he told me about the meaning of the name Stuart. “Stuart”, he said, “is an old Scottish last name …

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Corners of Your Field Promotes Cycle of Giving

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As the Faith in Action Outreach Coordinator of a downtown church, I am often in the position to help folks in need of shelter, food, or clothing. I get calls from single parents looking for help with school clothes for their children and from families in need of a place to stay the night. Inmates …

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Renewal’s Christmas Needs

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Most of the ladies at Renewal are experiencing Christmas for the first time in many years, clean and sober.  The season is filled with love, laughter, giving, singing, praising and worshiping;  all with considerable great reasons for celebrating.  Many volunteers help at the Renewal Center celebrating the birth of Jesus by throwing Christmas parties, leading devotions, and giving gifts.  These selfless acts of service to …

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