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Are there Homeless People in Cherokee County?

By April 29, 2015January 26th, 2023No Comments

When one thinks about an area the size of Cherokee County, one would question the need for a homeless shelter. Surely a community with a population of less than 50,000 there would not be anyone sleeping on the streets, in the woods, or in abandoned buildings. Sadly, even Cherokee County has a homeless population and over 75% of the 250 – 300 men, women and children served by Miracle Hill Rescue Mission – Cherokee County consider themselves to be residents of the community.
In reality, homelessness has less to do with the size of the community and more to do with the choices people make. Most homeless men and women come to the Mission because of addiction issues, abusive relationships, and mental health related behaviors.
We thank the Lord that Cherokee County was not content to let people sleep in the woods or on the streets without providing for them a Mission where they can find hope in the midst of their chaotic life. Every day 30 – 35 men, women and children are able to find a compassionate “home” at Miracle Hill Rescue Mission – Cherokee County and begin their journey to recovery.

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