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Love Lived Out Sponsor Appreciation

By March 14, 2019January 26th, 2023No Comments

“Let us not love merely in theory, with word or with tongue, giving lip service to compassion, but in action and in truth, in practice and in sincerity, because practical acts of love are more than words.” 1 John 3:18

1 John 3:18 beautifully reflects Miracle Hill as a ministry. In the past year, the Lord used Miracle Hill to shelter more than 3,300 individuals and to provide nearly 382,000 meals to the homeless and hungry. Of those served, 276 committed their lives to Christ .  These statistics represent people in our community whose lives have been impacted in tangible ways and who have begun to experience and rebuild healthy relationships. That’s something that deserves endless praise and celebration.

During the Love Lived Out Banquet on March 29, 2019,  Miracle Hill foster parents and past guests from our Renewal and Overcomers addiction recovery centers and our homeless shelters will share their stories along with the mentors who have come alongside them. We are all broken people, and living life in Christ-like community with another person is something incredibly special. Ultimately, the Lord has created us to be in relationship with others.

Former Renewal graduate, Karla, knows her mentor, Judy, cares because Judy never fails to encourage, speak scripture, and pray for her. Karla and Judy are learning from each other while doing life alongside one another. At Miracle Hill Ministries we value relationships. We value vulnerability and showing compassion in the trenches. The gospel was meant to me shared, and so are our struggles. God is the strength in our brokenness.  This is Loved Lived Out.


We would like to thank our sponsors who have been faithful to our ministry. Funds raised at this year’s banquet will go to Miracle Hill Ministries’ overall operations to shelter and feed the homeless, mend the broken, and share the Good News of Jesus Christ. The needs are many, and we wouldn’t be able to continue our services without the help of our community. Following are testimonies from just a few of the many organizations that have partnered with us in ministry:

Eastern Industrial Supplies-“We have seen love lived out when one of our branch managers heard of a lady in his community who had lost everything and was living in brutal poverty.  He put together a game plan and bought her a bed and some other things that truly made a difference.  This is one of several projects going on there now.  They are continually looking for ways to make a difference in their community.”

Fellowship Greenville– “I have seen love lived out when my family became a part of Fellowship Greenville just over three years ago, and we continue to thank God for leading us to this church body. The pastors continue to be rock solid in their teaching, using an expository approach instead of topical. You study WHOLE books of the Bible! I cannot say enough about the importance of good (and godly) leadership to make a church thrive. We LOVE our church home and appreciate all that God is doing in this place and in Greenville.” -Marion W.

Praise Cathedral-“We have seen love lived out when a small group in our church responds to a single mother and her children who lived for years with no heat and no running water by purchasing and completely remodeling a double-wide mobile home for this family.  The first night the family spent in the home, they cried — they had not spent the night in a warm house in many years.”


Post submitted by Meghan Salinas, Communications Intern at Miracle Hill Ministries. Meghan can be contacted at

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