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Watching God Work in the Lives of our Clients

By July 6, 2015January 26th, 2023No Comments

Working at Miracle Hill Rescue Mission – Cherokee County is very similar to being a parent and watching ones children grow and develop. Parents are always excited to see the first baby steps that a child makes and the first words that they speak. These are all signs of life and progress.
Here at the Mission, our staff is excited as they see baby steps being made by our clients. The oppression, the shame, and the failure they have endured would be enough for many people to stop wanting to go on, but to see them keep their room clean and make their beds or to see them beginning to read their Bibles or show growth in the Lord are all exciting times.
When men and women allow God to work in their lives, we are able to see them get jobs and get their drivers’ licenses back. Like parents, we watch them make those big steps of getting a car, finding affordable housing, and making wise choices about friendships and career choices.
What a relief to know that our labors are not in vain in the Lord. As we sow, water, and encourage the good seeds that we are sowing in the lives of the clients every day, He is the Lord of the harvest, and He will bring it to pass. Praise His name.

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