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Springtime at the OC Center

By April 20, 2013January 26th, 2023One Comment

Spring is here, with the plants blooming, birds chirping, warmer weather, and God’s beauty all around us, it is a wonderful time of the year. Normally this time of the year at the Overcomers, we unfortunately  see men make a bad decision and decide to leave the program, thinking with the change in the weather they are changed and this time life will be better. This year is different. Not only is God keeping people here, he is bringing more men into the program and keeping us at capacity. Allowing the staff to assist God and show the men in the Overcomer’s Program that life change is possible. What a blessing it is when one gets to witness God take a life that is dead or dying and transform that life into one as beautiful as the azaleas blooming outside the center. God does this by helping the men heal the wounds in their life. He also helps them mend the fractured relationships in their lives, as well as replacing hopelessness with the hope of a better life in Jesus Christ. As a staff we try to help the men understand the need for accountability, discipline and structure, staying connected to God and church, and to make decisions not based on feelings. In the end we give all the honor to God for the changes made in each mans life. Thanks to all the volunteers and donors and please pray for the men in the program as well as the staff…..By the way, mine was a life that was changed….Thank you Jesus…

One Comment

  • Susan Bailey says:

    how humbled I am, and grateful to God, for the change in my brother’s soul…….Praise Him <3

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