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Sadie Says Good-bye and Olive says Hello, Hello, Hello!

By March 25, 2016January 26th, 2023No Comments

There’s a line in an old Beatles song that says, “You say good-bye and I say hello. . . !”  Well, that is the story of what happened here at Shepherd’s Gate in just a short month’s time.

Recently, my sweet boxer, Sadie, had to say good-bye to all of us.  She had started limping just before Christmas.  I took her to the vet who, in turn, took X-rays, but found nothing on them.  That was good!  He told me to take her to a specialist who, in turn, did an MRI, and found something—a terrible something!  It was found that what all of us had anticipated being a torn muscle or tendon was, in fact, an aggressive soft tissue cancer.  Within three weeks time it had also spread to her bone.  Sadie was just two.  No one had expected the outcome of the tests to be so horrible, so final.  But, on February 17, 2016, Sadie said good-bye to her pain and to us.  She was the grandest girl and is greatly missed.

BUT GOD KNEW ALL ABOUT IT!!!   He has used Sadie’s story in an amazing way, AND is sending us a new friend!

The emptiness at my house, and the sadness at Shepherd’s Gate, was just  so heavy you could feel it!  I began to “just look” at boxer puppies on line.  As I went through page after page of boxer pictures, I was drawn, over and over, to a picture of a beautiful, dark brindle baby.  As I prayed, and as I continued to look, I felt that if I were going to get a puppy, she would be the one.  I knew that if God was in it, He would be the only one who could work out all of the details for me.  AND HE DID!!  My children have been fabulously, and tirelessly, involved with getting Olive from Mississippi to Greenville!!  Within a week or two, Olive will come to pray with, cry with and play ball with anyone who would like to do so!

Please come to visit when you get the chance; Olive will love to meet you!!


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