Merry Christmas from Miracle Hill Ministries!

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Merry Christmas from The Overcomers at Miracle Hill Ministries. This year has brought many blessings and good tidings. As always the Lord has seen fit to bring this growing Ministry all that it has needed through his riches in glory. On Behalf of the Staff at the Overcomers Center I would like to thank everyone for their support and Love through giving to our ministry in the form of their precious time and donated items. People some times say that their are just no words to describe the wonderful gifts that volunteers and donors give this Ministry and that may be true in many of these cases, but today I would like to say it again, “Thank You and We love you.” Be blessed over this Greatest of seasons as the Lord continues to supply us with all that we need so that we may lavish these gifts on his children who have not yet seen his goodness. Have a Merry Christmas Everyone and be careful with all that food 🙂