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Lindsey Graham Has a Heart for Helping Others

By May 31, 2016January 26th, 2023No Comments

Lindsey GrahamSouth Carolina’s Senator Lindsey Graham has a heart for helping others.

You may have seen in recent news that Senator Graham donated his car to Miracle Hill. The same car that carried him to meetings with presidents, ambassadors and even kings from around the world.

Why would he donate his car to a charity when he could’ve easily traded it in for a great discount on a new car?

Senator Graham donated his car to Miracle Hill, “because we are a faith based charity” who cares for nearly 600 of the Upstate’s most needy people each and every day. “We need to get back to that,” [supporting faith based charities] he stated to a local reporter.

At Miracle Hill, auto donations are used in two ways.  First, we sell donated cars at very low prices to men and women graduating from our addiction recovery programs. By purchasing the car, even at a nominal price, the graduates have the satisfaction of knowing they earned the vehicle – and reliable transportation also makes getting and keeping a job much easier.

Second, the money from the sale of all vehicles goes directly to help cover operational expenses for our nine shelters that house hurting and homeless children, women and men. As an added bonus, the fair market value of the car is tax deductible for the donor.

Miracle Hill is grateful to Senator Graham and all of our donors.

Oh, in case you are wondering what happened to Senator Graham’s car, it was sold to a very nice elderly lady the day after it was donated.

(photo courtesy of WYFF)
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