Volunteer Handbook


Mentors are individuals who wish to create an ongoing, long-term relationship with an adult or child in one of our residential group homes or graduates from our addiction recovery programs. Mentor training is required to get you fully equipped before you begin mentoring.

Being a mentor at Miracle Hill can provide you with the opportunity to see God work in incredible ways in the lives of those we serve, while allowing you to make a difference in your local community as these individuals become productive members of society.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor or driving for Miracle Hill Ministries, a Motor Vehicle Record check is required. Please fill out the form below and submit it to

MVR Form

Mentoring an Adult graduate from our Addiction Recovery Program:

  • A Mentor must be 23 years of age
  • All Mentors must attend a Mentor Training Weekend prior to being matched with an individual.
    • If you are interested in getting involved as a Mentor, contact Ryan Duerk at or 864-268-4357.

Mentoring a youth (11-21 years of age) from one of our Residential Group Homes:

  • A Mentor must be at least 23 years of age.
  • All Mentors are required to complete a volunteer application and submit to background and reference checks.
  • All mentors must attend a Mentor Training Session prior to being matched with a youth (offered quarterly).


Miracle Hill facilitates mentoring relationships in partnership with Fostering Great Ideas. FGI’s “Life Support” Mentor Program provides training, support, and screening for mentors of youth in foster care in the Upstate. FGI mentors can be matched with youth in the Upstate. Because Miracle Hill is a distinctly Christian ministry and because we believe mentors play an important role in providing spiritual as well as emotional support, guidance, and counsel, we ask that mentors who wish to mentor a youth served in a Miracle Hill facility agree with our doctrinal statement in belief and practice.

FGI partners with many agencies whose children can be served by mentors from any religious or secular background & preference.

It is important to note that if a child’s family has a faith that differs from that of Miracle Hill or the mentor, the mentor is always expected to respect the faith of the child’s family- never engaging in religious debates. We serve all children regardless of their religious preferences, and as stewards of these children for a brief time, we want to honor their families.