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House of Raeford Partnership Brings Hope to People in Need

By February 10, 2020January 26th, 2023No Comments
Curtis Carr and Joey Dickard at House of Raeford

Curtis Carr with Joey, a House of Raeford employee who was a former guest at Greenville Rescue Mission

In the summer of 2009, Bob Johnson, CEO and owner of House of Raeford Farms, approached me about his God-given desire to see the resources and influence of the company better utilized. The company had already developed a tradition of generous giving, but Bob sought to streamline and focus those gifts for maximum impact.

He and his family had come to realize more fully that House of Raeford must be much more than a chicken production “profit center”. They concluded that the company’s true calling was to be a positive influence in people’s lives. This direction led to many changes internally at the company and to the creation of a separate non-profit entity, known as House of Raeford Farms FLOCK, an acronym for Faithful Love Offering for Christ’s Kingdom.

Doing the Right Thing

House of Raeford’s mission is “to do the right thing in all things that we do”. One of the ways we live our mission is by helping those who serve others in their communities expand their reach. Through FLOCK, we help those called to do good, do more. We provide tools and resources to mission-driven organizations in the form of monetary support, product donations and volunteer support. We also help raise awareness about their good works throughout our networks. FLOCK’s primary focus areas include hunger relief, youth development and addiction recovery in the communities throughout the House of Raeford company footprint; however, FLOCK will consider any worthwhile cause around the world. We are driven by love and compassion for others.

In conjunction with FLOCK, House of Raeford employees and local citizens give their time by walking in fundraisers, organizing food drives, donating blood, collecting and distributing fans to seniors in homes without air conditioning, packing meals for hungry children around the world, and much more. By God’s grace and through the generosity of House of Raeford and its associates, hundreds of thousands of pounds of poultry product have been donated to food pantries and feeding programs.

Millions of dollars have gone to support hunger relief, youth development, addiction recovery, and other efforts that include things such as after-school mentoring programs for inner city youth; snack supplies for impoverished children in local schools; music scholarships for gifted young people in need; and encouragement and practical assistance for battered women striving to regain their independence.

Partnership with Miracle Hill 

Considering the mission of House of Raeford and FLOCK, it became apparent early on that Miracle Hill Ministries was a perfect fit to be a community partner for our Greenville operation. Miracle Hill not only serves all three of our focus areas, but we loved the fact that the compassionate services that Miracle Hill provides are designed to point individuals to Christ and to move them toward wholeness, stability, and healthy critical relationships. After seeing their long-standing commitment to providing services to individuals and families in the form of food, shelter, clothing, personal development, addiction recovery support, and residential and foster care for children, we knew we wanted to collaborate with them.

House of Raeford employees provide Christmas gifts for Miracle Hill foster children

Employees provide Christmas gifts for Miracle Hill foster children

For nearly 10 years, House of Raeford Farms FLOCK has supported the important work of Miracle Hill in a variety of ways. FLOCK has provided monetary sponsorships and has regularly donated product to help offset food costs at Miracle Hill’s various facilities. Additionally, House of Raeford has worked to continue Miracle Hill’s work by hiring men and women from their Overcomer’s and Renewal programs.

Over the past three Christmas seasons, FLOCK and the employees of House of Raeford have supported an Angel Tree for Miracle Hill, providing gifts and goodies for the children in their foster program. In addition, FLOCK tries to use its influence and relationships to promote Miracle Hill as a ministry worthy of the community’s support.

Through partnerships with organizations like Miracle Hill and helping those in need, FLOCK has been able to experience the truth of Scripture that “it is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35).  We challenge other companies to consider all they can achieve beyond the bottom line by focusing more attention on the great needs all around them and being willing to help make a difference.


Curtis Carr, Director of Community Outreach, House of Raeford | FLOCK



Post submitted by Curtis Carr, Director of Community Outreach at House of Raeford | FLOCK.  Curtis can be reached at




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