God Answers Prayers

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Man does He ever! I wanted to be a professional ball player and that request went unheard, I wanted a sports car, a yacht, an H1 hummer, riches beyond belief and even a private jet, now that I think of it. I prayed to live like a Rock Star and none of that came true for me. Instead at 30 years of age I found myself destitute living under a bridge in Charlotte, NC. Looking for every meal that I got and wondering why I had not had my prayers answered by God. Just then I realized that the only way that the Lord could answer my prayers would be to give my peace , joy, contentment and none of those things were tied into my own plan. So he began the work of breaking me down to more that I could eventually bare, so that one day, like the troll from under the bridge, I could emerge and come to rest in the joy I now call my life seeking His face. God answers all of His children’s prayers, but it is seldom in the fashion in which they had originally hoped for, as for me, He has exceeded all my original expectations and even expanded the vision of my life yet again.  To the Lord I have committed my life and my entire will, this is my new Prayer.