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From Homeless to Hopeful

By October 25, 2016January 26th, 2023No Comments
Leslie Broome in her new car.

Leslie Broome in her new car.

My name is Leslie Broome, and I am currently a guest of Miracle Hill Rescue Mission-Spartanburg (SRM).   I never expected to be as long term a resident as I have been. I arrived here, quite by what I thought was a mistake, in December of 2015. I was residing in Myrtle Beach, SC with my husband when he passed away suddenly from a heart attack. I was devastated and had nowhere to turn except a few family members that I had been estranged from for some years. My intention was to be taken to Greenville but through a mix-up in communication, I ended up at SRM. Almost immediately I felt as if this was where I was intended to stay for a while, though not sure why. It was close to the holidays, so there was a lot of activity.

Five days after my arrival on December 20th, my mother passed away. This happened less than six weeks after I lost my husband. Somehow, with the help, support and prayers of the staff and volunteers, I managed to survive. Things started to look up and I got a job. Not long after that I received papers from the courts ordering me to explain why I was behind on my child support. I thought I was going to go to jail, but Ms. Becky Castro (Women’s Counselor at SRM) took me to court, and I was ordered to just keep paying as ordered and was set free.

I have gotten so much help and guidance from the staff here–Becky Castro, Linda Askari, Myra McGee and even Mr. Calvin Vinson. I have been able to once again get my driver’s license and gotten a car to help me get around, when I came here with nothing. I even had a fun activity when we took pictures for ‘Through Our Eyes’, and my pictures made the finals and hung in the museum. Even though there have been ups and downs, I have come a very long way since coming here. It has changed my life. I am so grateful to have a place like this to come to. I had no license, no birth certificate, no car and no job when I got here, and being here has helped me get all of those things. I have also developed a closer relationship with God. I am so grateful to all of the wonderful people who have helped me change my life around.


For more information about Miracle Hill Ministries’ shelters and programs that help hurting people become whole, call (864) 268-4357.

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