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Addiction And Loved Ones

By August 12, 2013January 26th, 2023One Comment

The day after I read the suggested topic, I saw first hand the affect addiction has on family and loved ones. I was asked to pick-up a donation, on a Saturday, from a storage facility by the mother of a previous Overcomer client. The Overcomer had been doing well and staying clean until, on his 25th birthday, some of his old friends called and asked him out to celebrate. The decision to go completely destroyed his mother’s and the rest of his families’ lives. He never made it back to them. He spent the following week in the hospital after an apparent drug overdose and just when everyone thought he was getting better a blood clot formed near his heart and he was suddenly gone. It took his mother almost 2 years to find the strength and finally go through his belongings, which had been put in an old storage facility locker, to call and donate his work out things to the Overcomers. She was sure that is what her son would have wanted. She shared her and her son’s story with the 8 current Overcomers, I had taken with me to help with the lifting and loading, and myself and we saw first hand how addiction and our decisions can destroy the lives of our families as well as the lives of the ones who care about us the most. A least for awhile. I also saw,  as we cried and prayed together, how God used that time of sorrow and grief to touch not only my heart but the hearts of the men currently in the program. I also know in my heart that God used that situation to change the hearts of some or all of the guys who were with me that day and they made the decision to accept Christ into their hearts so they will never have to put their families through something like this. People who struggle with addiction are selfish by nature and never really understand the strain they place on the lives of the people who care for them the most. My prayer is always people who struggle with addiction come to understand God is the only way to true healing and with Him in their hearts the chains of addiction can be broken….mike

One Comment

  • Holli Shirley says:

    My husband, Jamie Shirley, is currently with you right now. He will reach his 2 month mark the 12th of this month. We’ve been married 14 years this December and have an amazing son, Cade, who will be 8 years old this October. I also have a 17 year old son, Zane, from a previous marriage. Our family has had it’s share of heartaches. Since Jamie has been there with you, I’ve noticed an amazing difference in the way he sees his life through his letters and phone calls. Through all his down falls, he still remains the glue that holds this family together. Hearing the difference that God is making in his life, our life, through your program is amazing. It’s truly a miracle. For the first time in a long time this family has a hope. Real hope. I cannot wait to see what the next four months has in store for him. Jamie being sent there was an answer to a lot of prayers from a lot of people. Thank you so much for what you are doing for us. By saving him, you have saved this family. God is truly amazing and definitely working through Overcomers. God Bless you all.
    Holli Shirley

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