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A Front Row Seat To Renewal

By February 5, 2021January 26th, 2023No Comments
Walt and Angel Tollison,Miracle Hill Renewal Center volunteers from St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral

Walt and Angel Tollison, Renewal Center volunteers from St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral

Miracle Hill Renewal Center — the place where I was able to see Jesus, feel the Holy Spirit, and watch true transformation at work. The most rewarding and moving spiritual experiences I have been able to enjoy are when I can witness Christ at work in the lives of those once broken and lost, now transformed and found.  There are no lost sheep when God is in control.

I began my personal Miracle Hill/Renewal journey a few years ago when my closest and oldest friend, Cindy Wynkoop, invited me to attend some prayer sessions and bible study groups she had been leading at Renewal on behalf of First Presbyterian Church. I was amazed at first, but to be honest, I was also a bit curious as to the genuineness, or lack thereof, of the outward display of joy for the Lord.

I know from personal experience the power and almost satanic hold addiction can have on people and how easily the brain can be manipulated. I wondered to what degree was this display “acting” in order to pass the class, to graduate from the program or to make others happy.  Or was this truly God at work?

Seeing is Believing

I soon, and very soon, learned this was God’s handiwork, and I was able to have a front row seat. From that point forward, I went more often, thanked God more often for the ladies who attended and the ladies who taught, and found a joy

Renewal Center graduation food provided by St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral

Renewal graduation celebration food provided by St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral

in my own heart that I had not felt as much or as often. I then began to organize through our church (St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral) volunteers to make all the food and necessary accompaniments for graduation ceremonies. All our volunteers as well as my family and I got to watch, feel and be part of the most incredible experience:

To see these women feel and know the Lord and understand and feel the power of Jesus and the Holy Spirit in their own lives.

To know they mattered to Christ.

To know their past was truly forgiven unconditionally, their hearts transformed.

To see their thirst for more, to see their desire.

To see their addiction broken and taken from them.

Our Stories Are For His Glory

What is always the most moving and truthful for me is to know they have all been saved and that when they share their stories at graduation, it’s NOT their stories. It’s God’s story.

I am a follower and believer in all things Jesus Christ. I know the power of addiction and the struggle and complete devastation it can cause. I know what God can do and is capable of doing—anything HE desires for HIS kingdom. God lives and breathes through Miracle Hill, and Renewal is exhibit A to me, front and center.


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