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A Change of Heart, Mind and Soul

By September 1, 2018August 1st, 2019No Comments
Jason Spears, graduate of Overcomers addiction recovery program, is experiencing change from the inside out.

Jason Spears, Overcomers graduate, is experiencing change from the inside out.

Meet Jason Spears. He is articulate, educated, skilled and mild-mannered. But just like the next person, Spears is a work in progress.  The 48-year-old went from being a happily married construction manager making a six-figure salary to being broke, divorced and living in shelters. He needed more than a change of circumstances.  He needed a change of heart.

One bad decision led to another, and before he knew it, Jason began spiraling down a path he never expected. His addiction to alcohol was a culprit.  “I would have never expected to be homeless,” he said.

Thankfully, Jason never reached a point of no return and is now recovering with the help of Miracle Hill Overcomers program.  He’s been sober for a year, has acquired another job and is in transitional housing.  “I am actively seeking my own place. Eventually I’d like to buy another home, but I know I’m not there yet.”

Mismatched Values

Jason clearly understands that his downfall didn’t happen overnight and neither will his recovery.  He said through Miracle Hill’s biblical and comprehensive approach, he has learned a lot about himself. For instance, a counselor asked him to sit down and write out values that were important to him. “Of course, I wrote down my family, my daughter, my career and my home,” he said.  However, the counselor helped Jason see that his actions didn’t align with what he valued.

“I realized what I truly valued at the time was comfort, freedom and ease. When I wanted to feel a different way, I’d change my feelings with alcohol,” he said, adding that he is learning to rededicate his life to the Lord and live a godly lifestyle.

More Than Rehab

Participants in the Overcomers program engage in Bible study, receive counseling, get help with goal setting and employment, are required to write a daily journal and perform chores and tasks.  They share testimonies, grow with others and learn what God values. “They fed me. They clothed me. They taught me. They loved on me. They got me in church. They got me reading my Bible,” Jason said. Overcomers is a place of healing and discipline. There are a lot of rules. It’s not just a rehabilitation facility. It’s a discipleship program.

“If you come here only to get sober, you miss the point,” Jason said.  “It’s really about changing your heart, your mind and your soul. It’s about changing your entire life.” Jason said he’s tried other rehabilitation programs with different philosophies and techniques, but the only thing that has worked so far is trying to live the life that Christ wants him to live.

Through another non-profit, he is working on improving his credit and finances. He now has reliable transportation to and from work and is able to visit his daughter from whom he was previously estranged. Jason said he values the importance of Overcomers and expressed gratitude to Miracle Hill donors.  “They helped to make my recovery possible. It’s been a humbling experience. I’m very grateful and absolutely blessed. The Lord led me here. I believe that.”