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By November 13, 2013 September 6th, 2019 No Comments

Have you ever read the story, The Shoemaker and the Elves?  If not, here is a quick synopsis: A popular shoemaker–he must be, he has more business than he can handle!–can never complete all of his work, and he goes to bed resigned to never fixing that cute pair of shoes.  ENTER THE ELVES!  As Mr. Shoemaker drifts off to sleep, they come and pick up the slack.  They complete everything that was left undone and then quietly leave.  When the shoemaker wakes up–TA DAH–everything is finished!  This happens night after night.

Now, why do I tell you this story?  Simply because I know that many of you do not believe in elves, but I am here to tell you that they do exist; I have seen them at Shepherd’s Gate!  You might choose to call them volunteers, and that is certainly fine, but whatever the label, I can only tell you that we would be lost without them.

What would we do without those who come faithfully year after year to answer our phones so a caseworker can go and help a client in crisis?  What would the clients miss hearing if not for those individuals or church groups who come to give a devotion?  Oh, and goodness, should I even begin to tell you what our clothing closet would look like if not for those who come to straighten it for us?

Many of you have the heart to volunteer somewhere.  Would you consider coming to Shepherd’s Gate or one of the other shelters within Miracle Hill Ministries?  Please call us at 864.268.4357 – we will be more than glad to give you answers to your questions and help you to find a good fit for the area in which you choose to serve.

Thank you to all of you who already give of your time to us.  I have no words that will adequately express my immense appreciation for you!!  Thank you to all of you who are considering the avenue of volunteerism.  We cannot do what we do without you.