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Waiting On God

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When I looked at my topic this time it said, Waiting on God.  When I read that weeks ago I thought, “Well, that’s what we do best here at Shepherd’s Gate.  We have a need, we pray, and then we wait to see what God will do!”   I am sure you are asking, and so I will tell you.  BUT—it is not what you are expecting—-nor was I.

Last Sunday, my sweet furry pal and companion, Daisy, had to be put to sleep because of serious seizure issues that were not going to do anything but get worse.  Daisy was the boxer who greeted any of you who have come to Shepherd’s Gate within the last 10 years.  She sniffed babies, allowed the children to poke and prod her, she listened to the crying, the anger, the frustration and the hurt of the women.  She would put her head on a knee if she thought someone was struggling with something.  She greeted each donor, visitor and volunteer with a wagging nub.  She was amazing!  I knew that she was, but—-

I wish that I could copy all of the texts, emails, cards and Facebook messages that I have received concerning Daisy.  A few have been from people expressing their sadness for me, but, for the most part—the messages have been from people telling me how knowing Daisy had changed their lives!!  I have been over whelmed by that, and I have come to the conclusion that Daisy was not my dog.  She was never my dog.  She was their dog.  The dog of all those whose lives she changed.  Years before Daisy, one of my daughters had another boxer.  She would sometimes bring her to Shepherd’s Gate when I worked in the evenings.  I was always amazed by the response of the women living here at those moments.  They would smile, tear up, and many would talk and talk and talk to the dog.  Some had spoken very little to us, but to the dog—non-stop!!!  I thought to myself—“Someday, someday I will get a boxer, train her and bring her with me to work each day!”  Now, if you are like me, training a dog is not something you volunteer for quickly, so you wait.  I waited for years, and then, by no searching of my own, God sent Daisy to me.  She was so very easy to train, sweet, and wise (I know that sounds strange, but those who knew her will tell you that I am telling you the truth :-)!!).  Now, I also know she changed lives.

So—what does all of this have to do with waiting on God?  Just this.  People have already started asking me if I will get another dog and bring her to Shepherd’s Gate.  My thought was, “NO!” I loved Daisy,  I don’t want the difficult task of training. . .blah, blah, blah.  And then, the voice in my head, the Holy Spirit said, “You didn’t train Daisy! You’re not that good!!!”   I just had to laugh.  How true!!  No one, no one can tell a three month old puppy not to wet on the carpet or she won’t be able to come back to Shepherd’s Gate again and actually have her not wet on the carpet anymore—no one!!!  I waited, and God gave me Daisy.  I had the awesome privilege of living with her for ten years.  She was a faithful, obedient and loving friend.   And so—I will once again wait on God.  I won’t go looking for another boxer puppy, but I did tell Him that I would wait and see what He wants to do.  Oh, and, yes,  I also reminded Him that He would have to train her if He decides to send one to me!!