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The Sound of a Breaking Heart

By July 16, 2012 August 1st, 2019 2 Comments

All of us have experienced a broken heart in one way or another.  It could be the loss of a loved one or disappointment over the loss of a desired job.  Children who have been abused or neglected experience brokenness in a different way.  The sound of their heart breaking is  distinctive and easily recognizable.  It is a giant ball of anger, sadness, loneliness, love, betrayal and confusion rolled together to form a gigantic mountain that seems impossible to break through.  It is difficult to watch and gut wrenching to hear.  It sounds like screaming, crying, moaning or worse yet . . . complete silence.  It can look like a tornado destroying everything in its path or it could look like a flood as their emotions pour out like a bursting dam.

It is not uncommon for children in foster care to cry themselves to sleep.  Some cry because they miss their mom, dad, siblings, and home.  Others cry because they don’t know how to survive and it is too much for their hearts and minds to comprehend.  Recently, one little guy in our care was struggling to fall asleep.  All he could do was groan, cry and call out for his mom.  As I held him all he could say was, “Why can’t I go home?”  All I could tell him was that he could not go home until his mom was able to keep him safe and right now she was not able to do this.  Throughout the week he barely ate, cried a lot and had a general look of hopelessness.  When I asked if he was upset about the bad things that happened to him, missing his mom or other problems he was having, he said, “It’s all of it.  I don’t know what to do”.  His heart breaking could not be described in words, but in groans that only the Lord understands.

This little boy, as well as the other children living at Miracle Hill, get lots of hugs and special attention. They quickly learn the magical words at bedtime… “Will you come pray with me?”  They learn about a wonderful Savior who died for them and only He can truly heal their broken hearts.  When the healing begins, the sound of the broken hearts begin to change tunes. They learn to love, trust and forgive.  This tune sounds like laughter and singing and children playing.  It looks like gigantic smiles and hugs.  It can look like a child praying, “Lord, help me forgive my mom and dad”.

This child is finding hope at the children’s home.  His healing is not complete, but it is beginning.  One day we will see his smile and hear his laughter again.  Until then, we thank our Heavenly Father for being the best dad any child could have and we give him all of the praise for working little miracles in the lives of our children every day!