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The Overcomer Center Celebrates

By November 16, 2011August 1st, 20197 Comments

The Overcome’rs program has been established in Greenville South Carolina for  two decades, but the programs location has always been shared with Miracle Hills Rescue Missions until as recently as one year ago. The Overcomer’s Center was given a heart beat of its own last November due largely in part by a generous and amazing single anonymous gift of one million dollars. As a result of this tremendous offering of love the Overcomer’s were blessed with a fully remodeled 30,000 sq ft facility. I have had the great honor and blessing to have been able to watch the Center continue to change and evolve into what I know will be a safe haven for men long into the future with the continued support of so many wonderful people who have bless and are being blessed by this amazing undertaking and the work that has been placed in front of us. I know without any doubt that this center is a tool of the Lord that “SAVES” lives in an eternal way.  Having experienced the fruit of that statement personally  I feel certain that I can speak for the Staff and Overcomer’s when I say that we are so very grateful for the time, dedication, support as well as the tremendous uplifting encouragement that we have seen from all aspects of our ministry and the men and woman who continually pour themselves into this facility for the singular purpose of letting the good news of Jesus Christ be a catalyst for change in broken lives of men seeking refuge from the turbulent world here at the Overcomer’s Center.

I was given a gift beyond measure in 2006 by Miracle Hill when they offered me an oasis from the storm and have found few adequate words to describe the impact of that gift and the sentiment that this Ministry  has had on me and the lives of men and women in need.

The Overcomer’s Center and the Last Year you ask, well WOW. I can’t seem to paint that picture for you, but it is good, really good.


  • Marsha Flowers says:

    I am in search of the Jesus Saves Rescue Mission that was located in Greenville South Carolina over 50 years ago. It was noted by the large lighted blinking cross on the front that said, JESUS SAVES in a cross format. Is this mission the one and the same? I stayed there as a child for a period of time with my family when we were homeless. Thank you for any information at all. Sincerely, Marsha Flowers

    • Susan says:

      Marsha – It is the same Mission – the address is 575 W. Washington Street, Greenville, SC. That sign still hangs on the side of the new building. I am sure our Director of Alumni Affairs would love to hear from you – Doreen Hallford –

  • Kathy Morrison says:

    I’m very interested in the Overcomers for my son. Is there a way they can earn money while staying there for personal items, food etc?

    • Susan says:

      Kathy, Everything that is needed for those in the Overcomers program will be provided for them. Please call 864-631-0088 for specific details.

  • Vicki Leabeater says:

    I have a 23 year old Son in law who has just confessed to have a drug problem and needs help. I was wondering how he might get into your program.

  • Randy Johnston says:

    I also experienced frist hand how the Lord moves in the Overcomers center. It is a lifechanging experience. I’m grateful to say I’m a Overcomer. Thanks Miracle Hill.