Miracle Hill strives to be good stewards of all monetary donations we receive. Currently, 86 cents of every dollar received goes directly to program services for the children, women and men in our care. Only 14 cents of each dollar is used for administrative costs. Every gift from the heart is truly appreciated and needed.

Monthly Giving:

One of the most effective ways to give is through a monthly donation. This group of donors are known as our Lamplighters.  Lamplighters give monthly, in any amount, through automatic bank draft or credit card. Lamplighter gifts offer stability for daily operating funds to help the children, women and men in our care.

•  automatic bank or credit card draft in any amount you choose
•  no monthly appeal letters in your mailbox
•  reducing ministry postage and printing costs
•  providing for the shelter of your choice

Stock Gifts:

The easiest method for transferring stock to Miracle Hill is to have your broker do it electronically.  Just supply this information to your broker:

UBS DTC Number: 0221
Account Name: Miracle Hill Operating Account
Account Number: BL10537
UBS Contact: (864)241-6332

We often do not receive the donor’s name through the DTC system, so please contact us to let us know that you have made a stock gift, so that you can be properly receipted for it.

Annuities and Legacy Gifts are also accepted and appreciated.