Homeless Shelters

Miracle Hill operates four adult homeless shelters across the Upstate of South Carolina. Our unique two-tiered system ensures that the men and women in our care receive the best services available and is designed for each guest’s particular needs. All services are offered in a Christ-centered environment.

Tier One programs target homeless men and women who need temporary care. They are offered basic support – food, shelter, clothing, discipleship, and counseling.

Tier Two programs are designed to help men and women who need more time to become stable and independent.  These individuals receive the same care as Tier One guests but are also offered more in-depth counseling, educational opportunities and Work Keys training.


  • Unique Individuals Served:   2,154
  • Regular Beds Provided:   99,531
  • Cold Weather (Overflow) Beds Provided:   5,360
  • Volunteer Hours:   17,722