God’s Grace

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God’s Grace is amazing. However, I really don’t understand a bit of it. I am thankful for it and so dependant on it that without it it I would cease to be. Yet most days I am at best blissfully aware that something is happening, but like the audience at a good magic show I look on and sit in awe of what it was that I just witnessed.  That very grace he lavishes on us daily through the simple acts of life. Since, I have no hard evidence to support my thoughts and feelings allow me to give you an example. As it would be my brother was given a new life to steward by the graces of our good God last August, which he now calls Chaz his son. One year later my nephew has had three open heart surgeries, a lobe of his little lung removed and is currently on chemotherapy for another complication of all the procedures. I say all that to say this. Without the grace of God I would lay down beside the rest of my family and be no more, but God’s Grace has brought us here and it will carry us through this and eventually bring us home. I know without it we would have no hope, but as it is we do have the blessed assurances of the Lord and now as a member of this wonderful ministry watch them envelop us daily through the simlpe acts of life. I can’t explain the grace that the Lord affords us all to well, but I sure do know when the magic happens. Tada! GOD ROCKS!