Festive Fall Creations ~ Thrift Style

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Well folks…

I’ve been surrounded by an unusual amount of creativity lately. So much that it’s hard to keep up! I have the pleasure of encountering many avid thrifters and DIYers on a regular basis. And trust me, their ideas are like fountains of never-ending knowledge for creating art from pieces and parts!

Most recently, I hosted Adina Johnson on a DIY Episode of All Things Thrift… Well here is the written version of the projects she featured. Materials purchased at Miracle Hill Thrift Stores!


Cabinet Door Repurposed into Mason Jar Wall Vase

During a recent trip to a thrift store,I picked up 4 matching cabinet doors. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do with them at first.I was thinking I would make a sign of some sort,but because of how small the middle portion of the doors are I decided to turn them into wall vases.

Fortunately the cabinet doors were unfinished, without hardware and in great condition,which meant that I could start painting right away.

I painted the doors with a few coats of a creamy white satin paint
and lightly distressed the edges.
Then I added a sawtooth hanger to the back for hanging
and screwed a metal pipe clamp to the front.
I made sure the tightening mechanism on the pipe clamp was facing forward
so that I could loosen and tighten it to hold a jar.
Lastly, I loosened the clamp, slid the mouth of my jar into it
 and tightened the clamp to securely hold my jar.
I made a couple with blue mason jars and a couple with green mason jars.
The pipe clamps can be purchased at any home improvement / hardware store.
They come in a variety of diameters.
You can vary this project to suit your space by using different kinds of jars
 and a different backing piece,
The wall vase can hold flowers, a small plant, herbs, pencils, make up brushes
or even a votive candle.

What would you use it for? Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your day! ’til next time,post signature

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All for now, crafty thrifters!

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