Directing Shepherd’s Gate

By June 22, 2012August 1st, 2019No Comments

What is it like to be the Director of Shepherd’s Gate?  Well, it is rather like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates—you never know what you’re gonna get!!   I love that!!!

 I love coming to work each and every day and being surprised by what is going on in this building!  Comedy, tragedy, energy, emergencies, women, children, volunteers, donors, visitors, fun!!!!   I  love it when I walk through the door and find a former resident, who left when she wasn’t ready, but who has come back,  and— gets it right the 2nd time around!   I love seeing a former client who just drops by to say, “Hi,” and to let us know that she is now doing well!   I love seeing women who say they found God while staying here, or those who say that they decided to re-dedicate their lives to Him, or those who decided to go back to church because of something that they heard here during one of our devotions!  I love watching as God abundantly provides for us each day!  I love the amazing staff with whom I serve day in and day out!  Truly—this is a wonderful place to be!  I love that!!

So—I guess I can just sum it all up by saying that I love being the Director of Shepherd’s Gate; I would not want to do anything else!!!   I  love that God led me to this place!!