Coping with Shelter Life.

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Howdy Yall,

Living in a shelter can be quite a shock to a person who has by all counts had a typical life free of many wants, however to a man that has spent some time living on the streets, shelter life can be just the rest and peace that had been a long time in the making. The Greenville Rescue Mission located at 575 West Washington street was truly a blessing for me after coming from under a bridge on Statesville Avenue in Charlotte NC. There are some minor obstacles to overcome initially with living with 140 other personalities, but far fewer the number of perils of living destitute on the streets of America. I had buy this point been homeless in 5 different cities and had been reduced to the most destructive forces that my addiction had to offer and truly feel that I had reached the utter end of my rope.

The Mission was clean, inviting and was just the breath of fresh air this broken man needed. The staff was easy and slow to deal with my non-biblical ideas of life which were infectious to every person I came into contact with. At times I even suspect that the staff may even thought the transformation couldn’t be accomplished, But God was able. The food was out of sight and the accomidations were just what I needed to provide a stable base for the opportunity that the Lord would soon provide me with. At that time the Overcomer Center a 28 week Drug and Alcohol recovery program was located in the Greenville Rescue mission and boy did I need the discipline. Being raise by a military family was one form of discipline, but the moral discipline I was lacking was not in short supply. There were also some great Godly examples that my spirit must have been longing for entirely too long because I found myself imitating the men and women who were already following the Lord. The title was coping with shelter life ,but in reality the title should be saved by shelter life. I gave my life to the Lord under the tree in the back yard of the Greenville Rescue mission about two months after coming to the Mission and was later Baptized at Hampton Heights on Wade Hampton Blvd. The love of God was made apparent through my time at the shelter and I have since been made as whole as a broken man can be. I am so grateful for the time that I have spent there and couldn’t find fault if I wanted to. God used the experience as a rope thrown to this drowning man.


Thank You to the Staff of GRM.