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Anticipating Fall!

By September 12, 2014August 1st, 20194 Comments

Well, Fall may not be in the air yet – at least not the air I’m breathing… but ready or not, September has arrived and autumn breezes and apple picking aren’t too far off. I for one am ready. And here’s a big reason why:

Can I let you in on a secret? We are up to some exciting Fall media projects around MH Thrift!

We’ve been hard at work creating  a promo video to showcase some fresh looks trending this Fall – thrifted looks styled by Lynsie of Similar Styles! Sherrica of Thrift Chic (featured earlier in this blog) also contributed with her own autumn ensemble. Here’s a sneak peek of the runway-inspired thrift fashion looks you’ll see in the video, modeled by your own neighbors from this community!


#MHThrift Fashion – Fall ’14

We hope you’ll be inspired to avail yourself of the vast selection in our thrift stores, as you update your own wardrobe for the coming season!

We will also be launching a vlog series called All Things Thrift this month! We will cover a host of topics including thrift fashion, DIY projects, MH Ministries, and well… All Things Thrift. But Lynsie and I can’t do this alone, so we’ve had a blast collaborating with you folks to develop each episode! We’ll be featuring other bloggers and thrifters to keep those creative juices flowing.


All Things Thrift Vlog Series

Stay tuned to this blog, Facebook & Instagram, and our YouTube channel, so you’ll be the first to know as this great content is released! We intend to see that you are fully equipped to embrace Fall ’14 – with its football parties, boots, festive décor, and all the warm fuzzies that come with knowing that your thrift purchase will help provide for folks in need this season.

See you soon!