Addiction to Overcomer

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When we think how long some of our clients, myself included, spend in addiction it can be mind boggling to think after 7 months a person can navigate from Addiction to Overcomer. That is what man thinks. We know God has other plans for our lives and when we put our trust and our life …

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Seeds of Addiction

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The seeds of addiction are in every one of us. Does that statement ring true to you or are you skeptical? I have to admit that when I first heard it, I wasn’t so much skeptical as I was humbled.  Like most people, when I thought about addiction, I immediately thought about drugs, alcohol, pornography …

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Be the Bridge

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Cold weather is once again gripping the Upstate. For most of us, the wintery blast means a day off from work or school and maybe an opportunity to play in the snow and enjoy a cup of steaming hot chocolate.  But for the homeless, the cold is a harsh reminder of their desperate, dangerous situation. …

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Satan would like nothing more than to keep our ladies at the Renewal Center trapped in their guilt.  Guilt is the unseen enemy of love and forgiveness.  It keeps a person in bondage.  It is one of the most difficult things to let go of.  Guilt can keep a person from growing and accepting the forgiveness that …

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