A Mom’s Transformation through Christ

Categories: Addiction Recovery, Adult Ministries
Ephesians 2:13, brought near by the blood of Christ
We know that only God can truly transform a life; scripture is clear about that.  But to witness radical transformation through Christ on a regular basis is truly one of the privileges that come with being on staff at Miracle Hill Ministries. Early on in my tenure at Miracle Hill, I attended one of the …

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Jean Nickell – Changing Lives One Bible Study at a Time

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In college, Jean Nickell was asked by her roommate if she was a Christian. She’d always thought she was, so she answered the question in the affirmative. But she began to evaluate her lack of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and started to wonder. With prompting from her roommate, she reconsidered her salvation and …

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A New Year…A New Start

Categories: Addiction Recovery, Adult Ministries, Events

It was a frigid twelve degrees outside.  Our faces were stinging from the cold air. As Donna and I walked through the doors of Shepherd’s Gate, Miracle Hill’s shelter for hurting women, we felt the warmth inside and were relieved to be out of the cold.  A golden blonde, gangly boxer dog with deep brown …

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