Overcomer Reunion

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Every year we have an Overcomer Reunion for all the graduate of our program. This is a great time of fellowship, and for men to be reunited with the men they went through the program with. It is also a very encouraging time for the men who are currently in the program. They are not …

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Why we offer Transitional Housing to Our Graduates.

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Transitional housing is an important step in the recovery process. We offer transitional housing to all graduates of the Overcomers program as a way to smoothly transition into life away from the center. The in-house portion of our program is seven months long. While there clients are required to follow a rigorous schedule where their …

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A “Typical” Day at Renewal

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I don’t know a single addict that just woke up one day and decided to be an addict.  There are deep wounds at the root of addiction.  Wounds of the soul.  When a lady arrives at the Renewal Center, they are usually scared to death and they don’t know if they will be able to succeed on the …

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