Other Ways to Help

There are many ways to help Miracle Hill Ministries, our guests and the homeless person you may encounter on the streets.  First and foremost, pray for the Lord’s blessings and grace for the homeless, our guests, staff members and leaders. Then consider how God will use you to be a blessing. Below are just a few things to consider.

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1.  Be prepared.  Anticipate the opportunity and be ready to help.

2.  Acknowledge them.  One of the most effective ways to help is to simply acknowledge the man or woman as a human being. To the man or woman who’s homeless, just saying “hello” goes a long way.

3.  Don’t give money.  While intentions are good, the money you may give typically goes for something you probably don’t want to support.

4.  Offer an alternative.  Give something tangible. You can provide for their needs with things like clean socks, toilet paper, soap, snacks, water bottle or a gift card to a fast food restaurant. And, please direct them to any  Miracle Hill Ministries location.

5.  Become an advocate.  Become a voice for the homeless by volunteering, becoming a business partner, financially supporting Miracle Hill, fostering a child, donating autos and household goods, and by praying.