Q: How is foster parenting with Miracle Hill different from other organizations?

A: Miracle Hill is a Christian organization. Our licensing staff provides support and prayer throughout the entire process and while foster children are placed in your home. Miracle Hill considers and encourages your support of the biological family in the plan for reunification as an opportunity for ministry.

Q: How many children can I have in my home?

A: Typically, you may have no more than 8 children under the age of 18 in the home including the children already in your home. Ex: If you have 4 children living in your home, then you may have up to 4 foster children placed in your home. Exceptions are considered in situations in which you are accepting a sibling group into your home that exceeds this number.

Q: Do I have to meet the birth parents?

A: The Department of Social Services will assess the safety and appropriateness of foster parent and birth parent contact and, if this is deemed safe and appropriate, then contact is encouraged, but not required.

Q: Does the foster child have to have their own bedroom?

A: No. Bedrooms can be shared with other children as long as they are of the same gender and sharing is appropriate based on the needs of the children.

Q: Can Foster Parents adopt?

A: Yes. If a child placed in a foster home becomes eligible for adoption, then the foster parents can be considered as potential adoptive parents for that child. Miracle Hill licensed foster parents may sign a consent to release their information to the Region I Adoptions (DSS) Office. A family must be approved as an adoptive family before being considered as a possible adoptive resource for a particular child.

Q: Do I have to take any child DSS wants to put in my home?

A: No. Child/home fit is assessed as you go through the licensing process and again when a potential placement arises.