Corners of Your Field Promotes Cycle of Giving

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As the Faith in Action Outreach Coordinator of a downtown church, I am often in the position to help folks in need of shelter, food, or clothing. I get calls from single parents looking for help with school clothes for their children and from families in need of a place to stay the night. Inmates …

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Miracle Hill Celebrates 80 Years Helping the Homeless and Hurting

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When Miracle Hill Ministries began in 1937 as a small soup kitchen in downtown Greenville, little did the founding leaders realize the lasting impact their vision to serve the “least of these” would have on the Upstate community.  Miracle Hill now has 9 shelters across the Upstate caring for the homeless or addicted and is …

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Minimalism And Thrifting

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Stop The Madness. In the madness that is everyday life, we must intentionally create our own calm by grabbing onto God’s peace and shutting out the noise clamoring for our attention and emotional energy. Peaceful state of mind is an invaluable asset, and from it stems creativity, productivity, efficiency, focus, and calm reactions in challenging situations. Inner …

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3 Shocking Practices You Don’t Support

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So what sort of practices does Miracle Hill Thrift NOT support? Here are a few shocking global atrocities created or furthered by the retail fashion industry ~ all of which can be significantly decreased through local donating and thrift shopping. At Miracle Hill Ministries, our tagline is pretty clear on the 3 major services we provide as a nonprofit organization: …

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