Alvin McCall – A Life Lived for Eternal Impact

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Alvin and Wanda McCall (best known as the founders of Ryan’s Family Steakhouses) first became interested in Miracle Hill in 1992 when Wanda was introduced to the ministry during the formation of Shepherd’s Gate, Miracle Hill’s shelter for women and children in Greenville. The McCalls gave an initial gift to outfit the kitchen and continued …

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Life is a/an ____________________!  How would you fill in the blank?  I often use the analogy of a puzzle when thinking about life.  A many pieced puzzle, in a plastic bag –without the box top!  Now, I don’t know about you, but trying to put a puzzle together without a picture to guide me is …

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Where has all the joy gone?

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“Breathing for the first time.” That is how I often describe the sensation of experiencing relationship with Jesus for the very first time. Once you have experienced air no one can argue with you whether or not air exists. You have breathed it, you have tasted it. It sustains you. You can feel the life …

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Transitional Housing Supports Path to Recovery

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When guests graduate from Miracle Hill’s addiction recovery programs, the support doesn’t end.  After graduation, transitional housing provides a halfway point between the strict accountability of life within one of our shelters and the onslaught of temptations beyond our walls. Participants in transitional housing practice applying the principals they learned within the program. They commit to six …

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