Sidewalk Sadness

Categories: Addiction Recovery, Adult Ministries, General

The scene is becoming all too familiar in our community.  You’re driving your car. You stop at a major intersection.  Up ahead you notice a man standing on the side of the road holding a cardboard sign that reads “Homeless, Hungry, Need Help”.  The man’s face looks sad and weary, and you start to get …

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Thrift Fashion: Myth Buster #2

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Welcome to our next post on the topic of Thrift Fashion! Thrift Myth #2: Thrift = tired & worn-out apparel. It is a common fear that – while you may find name-brand items at a low price in a thrift shop – the quality or condition will be less than stellar… used up, worn out, and moth …

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Antionette and Vicky

Categories: Volunteers

Amongst the delightful chaos of five children running from room to room, one barking pup and countless welcomed interruptions from children needing apple juice and mommy hugs, I had the pleasure to talk with Antoinette and her sister-in-law Vicky about the unique way their families volunteer for Miracle Hill Ministries. This is how their story …

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