Graduation at the Overcomer Center

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Are you looking for a place to spend some time and hear first hand how God’s healing powers have helped men change thier lives? Do you want to hear  how God has restored reationships with Him, mended fractured relationships with families, and helped men find  purpose in life? My suggestion would be to stop by …

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Thrift Repurposing #1: DIY Candles & Event Announcement!

Categories: Store, Thrift Operations

Well here is #1 of many fun DIY thrift projects to come! But first, I’ve got some exciting news- Hats off to all the Thrift Repurposers out there. Thank you for utilizing your creativity to make the most of the resources on God’s green earth – and for shopping at our stores for your collections of parts and pieces! …

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Diapers at the Greenville Rescue Mission

Categories: Adult Ministries

Diapers are not something one would normally think of when looking at the needs of the Greenville Rescue Mission! But they are every bit as needed as food, clothing, cleaning supplies, etc. Up until recently in our family apartments between several families  there were 12 children. Five of these were in diapers. Today we have …

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Seeking Sadie

Categories: Adult Ministries, General

We all know the benefits that a dog can bring to everyone, and those who suffer with mental, physical and/or emotional issues are no exception.  The company of a furry companion has been known to greatly ease anxiety, stress and depression while allowing the person in its presence to receive comfort and security.  Many of …

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