Waiting On God

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When I looked at my topic this time it said, Waiting on God.  When I read that weeks ago I thought, “Well, that’s what we do best here at Shepherd’s Gate.  We have a need, we pray, and then we wait to see what God will do!”   I am sure you are asking, and so I will tell you.  …

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Volunteer Projects

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To some people, the idea of volunteer projects at a homeless shelter seems out of place. As they think about the people residing at a shelter, they often think of words such as “deadbeat”, “lazy”, and “hopeless”; however, even though this may be the way by which some residents could be described, it is not …

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No Matter What!

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“You’re gonna have to tell people you adopted these boys, because to look at them, you would never know.”  These words expressed by a judge after the adoption hearing of two former residents of Miracle Hill Children’s Home.  Bradley and William came to the children’s home from a home where domestic violence and parental drug …

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