Springtime at the OC Center

Categories: Addiction Recovery, Adult Ministries, Events, Miracles

Spring is here, with the plants blooming, birds chirping, warmer weather, and God’s beauty all around us, it is a wonderful time of the year. Normally this time of the year at the Overcomers, we unfortunately  see men make a bad decision and decide to leave the program, thinking with the change in the weather they are …

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Children at the Greenville Rescue Mission

Categories: Children's Ministries

Our five family apartments at the Mission are filled it seems all the time. When one family checks out, another comes along. Sometimes there is a waiting list. We see families come for any number of reasons. Loss of job or income often means loss of a place to live. There are times when couples …

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The Light of Hope

Categories: Adult Ministries, General

Even when suffering with my allergies, I love spring!  I love the flowers and the beautiful budding trees–they just speak of freshness, new beginnings and growth.  BUT—even more than their beauty, I am absolutely, thoroughly uplifted by Daylight Saving Time!!!!  I get so excited by the fact that at 8:OO P.M. it is still light …

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