Letting Go Of Addiction

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The ladies at the Renewal Center have lead destructive life-styles filled with addiction and abuse.  Many times, the circumstances in their lives lead them to a point where they are forced to make a choice.  A choice that is imperative.  There are numerous situations that cause such urgency.  Abusive relationships, homelessness, failing health, and legal issues are just a few …

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Loving the Homeless

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I have been asked the question, “How do you love those homeless women?” more times than I can count.  I usually think, “They are just women who happen to be homeless at the moment.”  So–maybe the real question should be, “How do I love people?”  With that question–or both of those questions in mind, I want …

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Four Decades at Miracle Hill

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Forty is a milestone number. Reaching a 40th birthday can often be the cause of lighthearted bantering and teasing. It also gives one the opportunity to reflect over the years they have lived, surviving childhood, teen years, young adulthood and now middle age. But imagine working for Miracle Hill Ministries for four decades! This is …

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