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Welcome to the Miracle Hill Ministries’ blog. We hope you will visit us often to learn more about the services we provide for the hundreds of homeless, hungry and hurting people the Lord sends through our doors each day.  Remember, if you can’t find a friend in the world… you can find one here!

Transitional Housing Supports Path to Recovery

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When guests graduate from Miracle Hill’s addiction recovery programs, the support doesn’t end.  After graduation, transitional housing provides a halfway point between the strict accountability of life within one of our shelters and the onslaught of temptations beyond our walls. Participants in transitional housing practice applying the principals they learned within the program. They commit to six …

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Pray It Forward

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Have you ever thought about how resilient yet dependent seeds are? Certain seeds do seem to be able to take root and thrive in some of the worst conditions, but in reality even those seeds still must have just the right amount of soil, the right amount of or lack of sunshine, the right amount of water, …

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“God, who are You?”

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The age old question. “God, who are YOU?” You know those moments where God speaks to you so clearly through His word that you feel as though you have been punched right in the heart? Those moments where He speaks right to YOU, right there in the place where you are at, in the very …

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Gardening at the Miracle Hill Greenville Rescue Mission

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Tomatoes. lettuce, carrots, onions, cabbage. These are just a few of the vegetables growing in abundance on Greenville Rescue Mission’s property. Thanks to  several people connected  to Furman University, we now have an amazing garden that allows us to make sure the men and families staying at GRM always have veggies on their plates. They have …

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FUN FACT #3 about Miracle Hill Ministries

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FUN FACT #3 about Miracle Hill Ministries: In 1959, the same year Alaska and Hawaii became states, Miracle Hill was busy constructing its first permanent structure at the Children’s Home. The first building, Miracle Hall, was constructed using volunteer labor, donated roof trusses, and concrete blocks that were paid for by the winnings of a …

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